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The Problem with “Preventive Medicine”

The last time I Googled “preventive medicine” (earlier this afternoon), my search returned more than 10 Million results. Clearly, it’s an established idea, but I resent the implication of the term: that without some kind of specific medical action to the contrary, I’m tending towards illness, rather than wellness. I …

Five Reasons to Dump “Should” from Your Life

“You don’t have to replace ‘should’ in every thought and communication cold-turkey. Just replacing a few habitual “shoulds” will make a difference in mood and energy, and it gets easier once you create some momentum.”

I guess I should begin… oops! I’d like to start out with a characterization of the word “should.”

There are few more self-righteous, stress-producing, and energy-sapping words than “should.”

In fact, in his book Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy, Dr. David D. Burns, a cognitive therapist, treats “should statements” as direct contributors to cognitive distortions, and devotes considerable space to revising these dysfunctional thoughts for the good of anyone seeking to improve their mood.

Should strips us of our authority, and puts it outside us in some power or arbitrary rule or belief that takes our choice away, and enslaves us.

Should is the basis of artificial guilt, a useless, punishing, emotion.