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October 2010

Self-Esteem vs. Self-Value

To fully grok the concept of self-value, it helps to believe that each person has a soul, and that each soul has value beyond what is physical.

It’s difficult to make the point for a person’s inherent value, if I choose to believe a human being is just an electrified bag of chemicals walking around comparing his or her value to those around them based on looks, action, relationship, ownership, etc.

That out of the way, let’s move on to make what I hope is a helpful distinction between “Self-Esteem” and “Self-Value.”

Some folks will tell you that self-esteem is what you think of yourself, and self-value is what you’re born with. From where I stand, that’s partially right.

The Problem with “Preventive Medicine”

The last time I Googled “preventive medicine” (earlier this afternoon), my search returned more than 10 Million results. Clearly, it’s an established idea, but I resent the implication of the term: that without some kind of specific medical action to the contrary, I’m tending towards illness, rather than wellness. I …